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     Eelin jewelry Decoration Co. from start to now has more than 10 years, is a business for 10 years, after 10 years, the harvest of 10 years. From the early pioneering manual workshop to become a research and development, design, manufacturing, electroplating, processing, sewage treatment, marketing and other integrated vertical production capacity of a modern enterprise, we have a way of toil and sweat. Here I represent the Irene loyal thanks for many years the firm trust our customers! Sincerely thank for Irene development contribution out wisdom, sweat every employee.

     Now, Eelin jewelry keeps moving towards diversification, the group of the goal of forging ahead. In the sincere dedication and the rich creativity, for customers, for the community to create development moved the age classic jewelry and meticulous service. Regardless of past or future,Eelin jewelry limited company will never fail to live up to the customer and social expectations.

     We will as in the past to recruit industry Magi, to create a first-class design team, management team and marketing team, as Eelin's development of a new chapter, open up a new realm.Eelin jewelry will become a pursuit of not only benefits to enterprises, it will be a noble enterprise, an enterprise, a shared value, successful and happy partners

     We hope that the new and old customers and employees can be as in the past support Irene, I believe in your concern and care, Irene 's tomorrow will be more brilliant.

Speech of President

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